Our Benefits

Save 80% of time spent on first round or screener interviews

With TeloInterview, you won’t waste time interviewing applicants wrong for the position. Video screening is the smart way to do screener interviews where there is no scheduling and you can take a look at a candidate’s personality within 5 to 10 minutes of watching video responses. By eliminating time intensive phone or Skype calls and only interviewing the right candidates, you can save up to 80% of the time you spend on first round interviews.

Shareable and Replayable

TeloInterviews are shareable so you can easily get the opinion of others such as those who will work with the person day-to-day. You can also replay the videos for consideration in future positions.

A better candidate experience

Candidates can interview at a time which suits them and without any scheduling emails or calls. Perfect for those with existing jobs that can’t interview during work hours or for remote workers in different time zones. 

Easy to use and integrate

Our users love how easy TeloInterview is to use. To ask candidates to interview you just email them a link. Once they have interviewed you can watch their interview videos, rate them and then progress the best ones through your regular live interview process.