Selecting the suitable candidate from a stack of CVs and cover letters is not an easy task, regardless of whether you are hiring as a HR manager at a top-tier firm or recruiting for volunteers at a not-for-profit organisation.

Advances in technology have paved new directions in recruitment and selection. As more and more companies start to adapt, even more will be looking for new, innovative strategies to incorporate into the interview process to find the best talent.

By implementing video interviewing technology, this will enhance the recruitment process in a number of ways, minimising time and cost as well as improving the efficiency of the process overall to help your organisation hire the most suitable candidate.

Benefits of video interviewing:

1. Screen More Effectively and Efficiently

Video interviewing allows for convenience and efficacy. By integrating TeloInterviews into your recruitment process, candidates can complete the interview anytime, anywhere, within a timeframe set by you. This helps to speed up the process and moves potential candidates down your hiring funnel more quickly. Scheduling, organisation, travelling and time zones are no longer an issue!

2. Looking Beyond The Resume

Video interviewing helps to ensure your in-person interviews are only with the right people. The visual component enhances the initial screening process by enabling recruiters to see the personality behind the resume, i.e non-verbal communication skills, professional presentation, etc.

This facilitates a more authentic experience and creates a more comprehensive picture of each applicant, ensuring that each candidate or selected volunteer is the best fit possible.

Additionally, video interviewing eliminates location-related bias, providing an equal opportunity for candidates from a broad range of socioeconomic backgrounds.

3. Shareable

Video interviews, especially those recorded by TeloInterview are saved, shared, and can be reviewed anytime, anywhere. This ensures you don’t miss anything important about the candidate and can also create a sense of consistency, allowing for shared decision-making across multiple hiring managers or stakeholders.

To find out more about how video interviews can improve your recruitment process, contact TeloInterview, the premier video interviewing platform in Australia.